About The Artist


A Little Bit About Valorie Lewis…

I have been making jewelry since 2004. I started making unique bracelets for myself as a hobby. Soon my co-workers started asking me if I could make bracelets for them also. I thought ‘Why not?’ And my little bracelet making business was born.

Over the years I’ve become more involved in jewelry making. I’ve taken numerous classes and I’ve totally fallen in love with the artistry of making jewelry.

My pieces are ever-evolving as I continue to add new skills and techniques to my repertoire.

In 2007, I decided to expand from just making bracelets for friends, to offering a full selection of jewelry to the general public. Over the next several years I continued to try to focus my multi-directional love of jewelry making into a niche. And I finally found a theme that allows me to use my varied skills and designs while also focusing on a specific type of jewelry. By creating unique birthstone jewelry I am able to celebrate my most favorite role of ‘Mom’. My pieces are the perfect gift for Mother’s who want to proudly display their love for their children through jewelry. It also provides the perfect accessory to those who want to celebrate their own unique life by proudly wearing their own birthstone.

Many years ago I chose the name ‘4HEARTZ’ for my business venture. My business is named for my 4 lovely daughters, My heartz. They are my inspiration. And as I venture into this new line of jewelry which focuses on Mother’s jewelry and celebrating your own unique life….I feel the name is even more fitting now.